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Welcome Here!

Thanks for coming to see us.

Kim & Ink is a little stationery shoppe  consisting of two of us, daughter and mother.

Daughter Kim is the reason we’re here.  Two years ago, she was diagnosed with High Performing ASD.  This answered a lot of our whys, but didn’t answer the hows.  How could we provide job security for the future?  How could she find fun challenges in life, and yet not be overwhelmed?

Kim is creative and loves making.  I, Dorothy, am the ink.  I enjoy anything creative, also, and used to do a lot of oil and acrylic decorative painting.  Not a real artist, mostly self-taught, I love to copy the masters.  We both love to try new things, and so…

somewhere along the way we had an aha moment.  Why not try our own business?  We hope it can grow over time, and become something sustainable.  We’re excited about the possibilities.

Please enjoy this journey with us, as we follow our rainbows (also known as learning curves?).

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We’d Like to Hear From You

Thanks for visiting us.  We’re grateful for each one who takes the time to shop, and we would love to hear from you.

Your note goes straight to our inbox from this form, and no one besides us will see it.  We do not share any information with anyone else.

We also like public comments, but for that you have to share on a product or blog page.