Vintage Roses and A Mother’s Day Card


Vintage.  Today, that word applies to cars, furniture, styles and more.  Items of superior quality that have stood the test of time.

Any mother of fine children has withstood the tests of time, albeit not all of them a vintage amount of time.  The quality still applies.  Be sure your mother knows you consider her vintage.

5″ x 7″ vintage style card.  Envelope included.

Inside:vintage garden mother's day


vintage mother's day card rosesVintage Love on Mother’s Day

I didn’t know that vintage meant high quality wine, specifically, so the word technically would not apply to my mother.  But I do think of her as having superior quality of a certain age and class. If I made a card for every year my mother has lived, I would make 95.

Ninety-five cards.

Doesn’t a woman who can still walk and talk and do crossword puzzles at 95 deserve a card for every year she’s lived?  How about a woman who raised 10 children and hundreds of gardens and prayed thousands of prayers in 95 years?

I say YES.

So this is my tribute to the woman who was born in 1921, when cards were lovingly and intricately crafted.  Hallmark began producing Mother’s Day cards in the early 1920s, however they were way above the pay-grade of a poor little rich girl.  After all, my mother was in her teens during the Dirty Thirties.  In her teens, walking to a job 3 miles away to take care of Henry and Dora’s babies.

Because Henry and Dora had a large young family, and they needed a “chekshe” to help out.  That word I don’t know how to spell means maid in the PlautDietsch/German dialect.  It was very common to have large families and hired help in those days.  Especially when the babies came every year or so.

Henry and Dora’s family was special.  My mother had never known a lifestyle like this family had.  They were Christians, and walked their talk so impressively that my mother accepted Jesus as her Savior also.  And she has walked that walk ever since, and taught it to her children.

Thank You

Thank you, Henry and Dora.

My life would have been so different if you had not hired my mother all those years ago.

And Thank You, Mother, for raising your family with the love you learned from Henry and Dora and the Father they introduced to you.


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