Trust Without Borders Quote With Watercolor Flowers


Trust without borders.  Inspiring thoughts to remind us to have a deeper awareness of God everyday.  Frame this print in a distressed white oval re-purposed frame for a beautiful touch of inspiration on your wall.  Keep it, or give it for a gift.

8.5″ x 11″ rectangular printable

Original digital watercolor art by Dorothy Ensz.



Trust Without Borders

This is something that I wish I had on an everyday basis.  Where my trust is without borders; faith that infuses every thought, inspires every moment, spills over to those about me.

Attainable?  Yes.

Easy?  No.

But this last week God showed us how that kind of trust could look.

We were waiting for a vocational program to open up for Kim, and our faith in the people in charge of helping us was almost disappearing.  I’d say we had only a frayed thread we were hanging onto.  In spite of calling every week, and making Merina wonder if she was totally incompetent and unable to please us, which made us feel bad, nothing was happening.  We wanted to move on.


I had a sister-lunch and afternoon of sharing.  One of my friends is known to say, “Okay.  Now, let’s start with you,  (insert name) tell us how it’s going in your life.”

So, when it was my turn, I shared our growing despair that this program would ever open up.

They promised to pray for us.


Hadn’t we been praying for months?

Yes.  But.

The willingness to open my heart, unload my worries, share my heart, led me straight to a place where I could have trust without borders, because…

The Very Next Day

We got the intake package in the mail and a phone call with a time to come in.

Without Borders.

Thank you, God.

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