Tweet! I’m At Your Gate… It’s Time To Celebrate!


Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, so celebrate the day today.    There’ll never be a better today than the gift of the present!

5″ x 7″ handmade card with an original oil painting print.  Envelope and envelope seal included.

Card Inside:card inside bluebirds on wire fence celebrate


Envelope Seal:goldfinch on daisy envelope seal

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goldfinch on daisy at rustic gate card at your gate it's time to celebrateCelebrate Today

Laughter can turn an ordinary day into a celebration.

The last few days have been dreary and cloudy and rainy.  We had a picnic planned to show our country off to a visiting nephew, so we kept eyeing the skies.  Would we be able to get to our favorite cookout spot in the dry Hassayampa riverbed?

Finally the decision was made.  We’d give it a try.

We came up over the last hill and around the last bend in the road.

And saw something I have never seen before in the thirty years I’ve lived here.  Loud, angry water swirled across the whole 200 foot wide riverbed, with only a few sandbars here and there.

This is normally a stone-dry riverbed, where we swerve and skid and 4-wheel to our favorite spot about a half mile from the road.  Getting stuck and using tow ropes is all part of the fun.

But today?  No four wheeling was going to happen.

Picnic?  Yes, a picnic was going to happen, right beside this new Colombia-in-Arizona.  We had to celebrate the day the river ran full of water.  Because tomorrow?  Tomorrow, in the desert, the river-bed might only have trails of foam and driftwood scattered over a dry sandy bottom.  The river would have arrived at its destination, not to be seen till the next big rains.

This was a muddy, cold, dirty-boot kind of picnic.

And while sitting around the fire sharing stories, my granddaughter sidled up to me and smiled into my face.  “Hassayampa,” she said.

And we both giggled.  Today, Hassayampa really meant something.  Something to celebrate.

On other days, Hassayampa is a word she likes to say because it sounds funny to her.  Just saying the word can bring gales of giggles.

She didn’t forget.  While enjoying the real Hassayampa, she pulled the word out of her hat to bring even more to celebrate and laugh about in this already awesome evening.


A Hummy Sort of Day

The saddest day ever, among all his sad days, happened to Eeyore in “The House at Pooh Corner” when Pooh and Piglet had the best idea to cheer up their friend.  They saw a pile of sticks, and wanted to turn it into a cozy house for Eeyore.  Meanwhile, Eeyore is whining to Christopher Robin that it would seem as if friends would look out for friends when it was cold and snowing, and not take their houses away.  On the grandiose sails of a kind endeavor, Pooh and Piglet never realized they were actually making it hard for their friend to row his boat.  Fortunately it all turned out okay in the end, and Eeyore had a cozy little house again.

So even on the saddest day ever, don’t despair.  Keep the faith that good things just may be around the corner.

This card is part of a collection of spring greeting cards A Hummy Sort of Day,” named after a selection in Winnie the Pooh. 


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