Spice It Up


What do you call an encouraging jalapeno?

A pepper upper.

What do you call a great pepper upper?

When you get a hand painted watercolor card that can be framed.  First a birthday (or any special occasion) message, then a frameable piece of art.  Definite upper.


Spice It Up:
Jalapeno Pepper Mini-Watercolor Frameable Art

Spice It Up with a frameable art card.
Give this card with a six inch square shadow box frame,
and you’ve got both card and gift in one hot package!

  • Card Front ~  Each card has a 3″ lightly-textured watercolor-paper accent square, which is a hand painted original by Dorothy Ensz.  This frameable art is unique to each card, and so no two will be exactly alike.  The watercolor square is mounted onto a raised backing, which is then centered onto a 6″ square of green Mi Tientes paper.
  • Card Inside ~ Blank White
  • Size ~ 6″ x 6″
  • Envelope ~ Brown Kraft envelope
  • Frameable Art ~ This card is perfect for framing into a white (or any color of choice) 6″ frame.  Makes lovely kitchen art.  Give the card together with a frame for a lovely birthday or Mother’s Day gift.
  • Shipping ~ We generally package and mail the first business day after order is received, until our inventory runs out.  (We make 10 cards of each design in a batch.)  $1.00 shipping per card.
  • Or you can sign up for our newsletter and get a coupon for free shipping.  Our newsletter is emailed monthly (give or take a week or so, because artists can’t be depended on to do things by the clock or by the date.  Because maybe today I just have to paint my new idea, and I can’t do the newsletter until the painting is done.  The plus is that you get to see the new idea right away in the newsletter!)
  • You can also find this card in our Etsy shop.

Spice It Up Mini Watercolor Hand Painted Jalapeno Pepper on Green Background Frameable Art



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Find a frame HERE  or HERE

Note:  I am not affiliated with Amazon or Michaels, just providing a link for a 6 inch square frame.


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