Shine Like You Mean It ~ Letter Art On a Fall Print


When it’s your turn, shine like you mean it!
You don’t know what will happen tomorrow,
but today you are amazing.

Fall Letter Art.


Shine Like You Mean It
Letter Art on a Fall Print

Like every glittering star in the sky
You will not dazzle forever.

But when you do,
shine – shine –
like you mean it.
No matter what happens tomorrow,
Today you are


  • Art ~  Letter Art in a Fall Wreath Watercolor Painting by Dorothy Ensz, reproduced on watercolor paper.
  • Size ~ 8.5″ x 11″
  • Shipping ~ This print will be mailed with a cardboard backing. We generally package and mail the first business day after order is received, until our inventory runs out.  (We make 10 of each design in a batch.)  Shipping will be determined on checkout.
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  • You can also find this letter art print in our Etsy shop.
  • Find greeting cards in this design in the Finally Fall Collection.


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