Rainbow, Hearts and Butterfly Color Card With Pencils


Rainbows, hearts and butterflies go together like cupcakes, frosting and sprinkles. And if a girl can color her own rainbow, who wants cupcakes?

5″ × 7″ greeting card with picture to color and 3 color pencils. The card is blank inside, suitable for any occasion.  Envelope included.

Look below for a free Rainbow Song Coloring Page to download and print!


rainbow flowers butterfly card image 2

Free Rainbow Song and Coloring Picture Printable.
Click the image to download the PDF

The Rainbow Song

To sing the Rainbow Song, the more colored pencils, or crayons, you have, the more verses you can sing.  “If you have an azul-verde, Pick it out!”

Azul-verde is much classier than blue-green, right?

And, you’re teaching Spanish at the same time as colors.

Oh, wait.  If your littles don’t know the colors, it might be smart to teach the names first in a familiar language.

Who knew that Crayola put the names on colored pencils in three languages? Guess what the third one is?  It’s not Swahili.

These are North American pencils.  English, Spanish, French.  Yes!

And in French, that would be bleu-vert.  Blue-vair, anyone?  That has to be a gorgeous color.  Or bordeaux.  Delicious maroon!  Spanish?  Rojo oscuro.


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