Mother: She Opens Her Mouth With Wisdom And Kindness Is On Her Tongue


Mother’s Day is a chance to honor an important person in your life. This original art print has ribbons weaving through roses and lilacs on a vintage background.

Card is also available without an inside message.

5″ x 7″ card with envelope.

Card Inside:  mother card inside



mother rose lilacs ribbonMother Knows Best – Really

You ever have those times when your children know so much more than Mother?  Of course, it happens all the time when you get to be a certain age.  My friend was fifty-seven when her son convinced her she might be losing it.

Old Lady was just driving down the road, minding her own business and thinking pretty pink thoughts, when suddenly her van swerved and headed for the ditch.  Frantically, she steered into the swerve and managed to stay on the road.  She slowed way down, but even then the van swerved once in awhile as if it had a mind of its own.  She asked her son to look into it, and he took it for a test drive.  When he got home he smirked and put his hand on her shoulder.  “Mother, it’s just a sensation because the road has some ice ridges here and there.  I drove fast and couldn’t get out of control.”

Old Lady kept driving her van, gasping “It’s just a sensation!  It’s just a sensation!” when the car nosed around on the road like a hungry dog.  This time she asked her son-in-law to take it for a ride.  “No problem,” he said, and left happily for his meeting.  When he came back he spoke with disgust, “Mother, that van drives like you’re chasing a pig down the road and hanging on to its tail.”  He offered to take it to get the wheels aligned, but that didn’t fix it.  After more investigation, one tire was found to have a hole and was completely flat.

Old Lady was gleeful that the “sensation” was not just her feeble, elderly imagination.  And the icing on the cake?  Her sons didn’t either know that her new-fangled run-flat tires actually did run flat.  Mother was not so “elderly” after all.

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