Love: With You By My Side, I Can Always See the Sunshine


Morning glories mean love.  Twining up a rustic fence post.  With a couple of bluebirds perched above a heart-shaped knot.

5″ x 7″ card with original art print.  Envelope and envelope seal included.

This card is available with two options:  blank inside or with this design:

bluebirds on fence post with heart shaped knot

Envelope Seal:  bluebirds on fencepost oval seal



bluebirds on wire fence with twining morning glories card frontLove is Having You By My Side

“I’ve got your back.”  That has to be the most comforting aspect of love ever.  Not just the day you knew you loved each other.  Or the day you got married.  But ten, fifteen, thirty years later, after facing issue after issue.  Together.  You just know you can depend on each other to find the best answers, to look out for each other no matter what.

So there’s a reason morning glories twine up this fence post with the heart shaped knot-hole.  Morning glories stand for the renewable nature of love.  The flowers go from bud to droop in one day, with the blossoms opening in response to light.  The next day, the vine is covered with new blossoms: never ending beginnings.  In life, the bud begins to droop, but true love renews and remains dependable, blossoming in sunshine.

 A Hummy Sort of Day

This card is part of a collection of spring greeting cards A Hummy Sort of Day,” named after a selection in Winnie the Pooh. 


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