Will You Be My Friend, Three Lonely Puppy Dogs Ask A Lonely Boy


Three lonely dogs needing a friend.  One lonely autistic boy needing friends.

Card front shows art print of three dogs on a rainbow puzzle background.  The dogs are asking, “Will you be my friend?”  Everybody needs a friend.

Do your part to touch somebody’s heart today.

5″ x 7″ card.  Envelope included.

Card Inside:birthday card inside boy dogs against sunset

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card front 3 lonely dogs be my friendCard For A Lonely Boy

It is getting late for me to send this for his birthday, but when I read this story my heart went out to the lonely fifteen year old boy who has no friends because of his autism.

Because I know exactly what that feels like.

I know the warfare that goes on in the mind to think positively.  When you know there’s something you don’t get, but no matter how hard you try, you can’t do anything about it.  When the anxiety builds and builds because of everything you are trying not to miss.

And when you do try to act typical, it drives people away instead of closer.  Because the social cues are misread, and the attempts to impress are either misguided or mistimed.

Each effort is met with rejection.

Over and over and over.

Although people mean well, it is very difficult for a neurotypical to understand that an autistic brain cannot get social stuff, ever.

Their brains are different.  The wires are connected differently; their responses flow in different directions along different brain waves.  These directions are permanent.  There is no changing them, because these brains are created this way by the God who created all brains.

He did it for a reason.

That reason is not to make life difficult for people with different synapses.

Is the reason to make us more aware of difference?  And to embrace it?

To put forth the effort to accept what is different and not judge?

How It Feels To Be on The Autism Spectrum

When you are in that spectrum, the difference is very obvious, but the ways to fit never make sense.  They can be learned.  They can be practiced for short times.  But if one is expected to act typical 24-7, this is not how they were created, so something will break.  And often the break is beyond their control, not what they want, but it happens.

The best they can do is to make it to a safe, private place before the meltdown begins.  It takes a very mature and prepared person to accomplish this every time.

My sister had epilepsy from age twelve until she had surgery at 35.  She knew when her seizures were coming, and could often sit down in a safe place before they hit.  But not always.  And sometimes the electrical storm was stronger than other times, so scary real.  This is how it is for many on the autism spectrum.

Life is challenging from morning to night.

Day in and day out.

And that’s why I wanted to make a card for Andrew Didyk.

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