Keys of The Kingdom Boxed-In-A-Book Stationery


Love is a key that unlocks many doors.  This one-of-a-kind handmade stationery set comes beautifully boxed in a repurposed vintage book cover.  Blank notecards and matching lined stationery paper for any occasion:  a letter of congratulations or a note of sympathy.

Paper love ~ in their hearts forever.



Keys of the Kingdom

Repurposed-Book Boxed Handmade Stationery Set

The Keys of the Kingdom Boxed Set started with a real book.

A. J. Cronin wrote this classic many years ago, about the life of a man who became a missionary to China.  That is the simple story.  The complete report of the novel would take many fascinating paragraphs.  It’s too bad the pages couldn’t stay with this book when we built the box, so you could read it.  You can buy the book here to read the story.

The general context of the book is Love and its many facets, and how the genuine, Godly love of a man conquered his complicated world in the end.

Taking the topic of Love and Keys, we designed a stationery box inside the empty cover of the book.

The box contains 5 blank notecards and 5 sheets of lined stationery paper, with 10 brown kraft A4 size envelopes.

We love this project, so if you find any more of this particular book, we would make more of these boxes.  The book measures 5.5″x8″ by 1″ thick.

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