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A planner is kind of a personal thing. It’s difficult to find the perfect one to fit specific needs. We designed this one for my mother-in-law,  whose planner needs are not complicated, and we’re happy to share it.  We hope you enjoy the Dandelion Dreams Monthly Planner.  Find the year’s earlier month’s pages here.

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Planner, schmanner.

Planners are a dime a dozen, and not one is exactly perfect.  If this is your experience, as it has been mine, this month’s June planner will be another disappointment.  We designed it to be simple, but we do like the design!  (Find the rest of the year’s planner pages here.)

For many years my mother-in-law got a planner of this style in the mail, just in time for the new year. This past year she didn’t, and is unable to go out and find one. She had a bad fall in December that caused brain bleed like a double stroke. She is recovering, which is a miracle. We almost lost her.

Her recovery is slow and difficult, so we’re thrilled that she wants a planner. That means she’s planning a future. It means she’s ready to record the many appointments and therapy sessions it will take in her fight to come back.  She is drawing deep from her inner strength and steeling herself for a battle.

Dandelion Dreams may look simple and not have many complicated features, but it is ready to plan the future of a very brave person!

Please say a prayer for her whenever you enter something in your planner, because she will be so much stronger with you behind her.

How to use your June planner.

We suggest printing the planner pages on heavier paper, such as 32# to 48#.  We had a few ideas for binding the pages of this planner:

  1. Print each page on it’s own 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper.  When you add another month, use double sided tape on the top, bottom, and inside edge to attach the new page.  This will create a pocket to keep receipts, business cards, reminders and so on.  To keep this pocket from dumping it’s contents, you could punch holes through both pages and tie a lace or ribbon through the holes.  Use a different color of ribbon for each month, and you have color coded index dividers!
  2. Our second idea, which we did for my mil since she had so many therapist and doctor appointments, was to make charts. The first chart named all her doctors, nurses and therapists, their phone numbers and addresses.  There is also a place for notes from her latest appointments.  On the other blank side has a chart listing all her medications, when to take them, and in what amounts.  Everyone has a need for lists, whether it’s a to-do list, a bucket list, etc.  Make a chart in your favorite program that makes tables, and personalize the blank sides of your planner pages just for you.
  3. Another option for printing is to print the first page of each month onto the back of the second page of the previous month.  Here is where the heavier paper is nice, as it will not show through, and will have more strength for pen or pencil entries (and the inevitable erasing and cross-outs).
  4. Bind the planner pages together in a 3-ring binder; with O-rings; or, if you have access to one, a comb binder for a nice lightweight solution.  We plan to bind mom’s with a comb, so we need to come up with a cover, which we will offer to you soon.

Let us know how this works out for you, and how you personalize it!


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