Be Still and Know Inspirational Handmade Card


A handmade card bringing the inspirational message: take the time, in the busy celebrations of the New Year, to consider the important things in life.

5″ x 7″ black card with original digital design.  Envelope included.

Card Inside:

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Life.  Christmas.  Inspirational moments.  I needed to take a minute in the typical Christmas busyness to remember what the hurrying, scurrying, shopping and wrapping was all about.  In that moment I thought of a dear family member spending Christmas in the hospital, forced to take many moments to “Be Still” and know that even though it was the last thing she wished for, God was asking her to do this thing at this time.  How hard must that be, to lay there and know her family, for whom she had carefully prepared a lovely Christmas, was now celebrating without her?  And she had no choice.  God, our Maker, who knows what is our best, has asked her to take these moments, as difficult as it is for her.  And she is doing it like a star.  The nurses love it when she threatens to throw her pills out the window or tells the inventory guys not to give her a number as part of the Stryker bed.


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