Happy is Where the Pansies Grow, And All Other Wonderful Things


Happy days in the land of Pooh.

“We’ll be friends forever, won’t we, Pooh?” asked Piglet.

“Even longer,” said Pooh.

A. A. Milne has the words for any occasion, this time spoken through a tubby little bear and his scrawny friend Piglet.   Friends come in any size, shape or color.  Celebrate them.  This greeting card will tell your friend you are happy where they are!

5″ x 7″ greeting card with original oil painting print.  Envelope and envelope seal included.

Card Inside:Happy is where the pansies grow card inside


Envelope Seal:pansy envelope seal



sparrow on watering can in grass with pansies9 Interesting Facts About Pansies

  1. The name pansy comes from the French word, pensee,  meaning thought or remembrance.  Vintage greeting cards often featured these beautiful, happy-faced flowers.
  2. A tri-color wildflower found in Europe and Asia is called heartsease,  or wild pansy.  I have even found them in Arizona rim country.  I brought some home, and potted, they bloomed on the patio all summer.
  3. Pansies are one of the oldest cultivated flowers in history. The flower we buy in the nurseries to plant in our gardens today is a hybrid from the viola family.
  4. The pansy looks fragile but is actually a hardy, cold-and-heat tolerant perennial.
  5. You can add pansies to a salad, or to decorate a cake (think Mother’s Day).  The flowers are edible and have a minty flavor.  You’ll make everyone happy if you rinse the little crawly things away first.
  6. Remember walking in the garden at dusk, and the scent of pansies permeates the air?  Early morning and dusk is when their scent is strongest, and between colors, yellow and blue pansies seem to have the strongest scent.
  7. This part I have no experience with, but they say the flower can be used as a natural dye.  Freeze the purple petals, then soak in alum water or vinegar.  The ingredient you soak the petals in will make different purples, and different fibers will dye in varying colors, also.
  8. Last, but not least, if you have a highly scented pansy, the dried petals can be used in potpourri.  They dry beautifully, keeping their color and shape nicely.
  9. Place pansy flowers between the pages of an old book, then design a greeting card with the natural heart shapes for someone special. Heart that.

 A Hummy Sort of Day

This card is part of a collection of spring greeting cards A Hummy Sort of Day,” named after a selection in Winnie the Pooh. 


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