Just Sitting Here Thinking About Friendship, And How Many Memories We Share.


Friendship is necessary.  My life is full of people I admire. People who inspire me, and educate me. Friends help me become a better person.  They make me feel good, they make me laugh, they encourage, and are there for me when life isn’t easy.

Friendship really is a beautiful and precious thing. Celebrate it!  Choose if you want this card as a friendship/all occasion card, or as a birthday card.  Birthday version shown.  All occasion card omits the Happy Birthday part.

5″ x 7″ original oil painting print on digital background.  Envelope and envelope seal included.

Card Inside:


Envelope Seal:



birthday card with daisies and goldfinchFriendship Described as a Relationship Between Friends is Not The Whole Story

The dictionary includes good definitions of friendship, but to find the true depth of the word we need to hear what Jesus says: “This is my commandment, that you love one another, as I have loved you. Greater love than this no man hath, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” (Jn 15: 12-13, DRB)  I found this while searching for the words I wanted to describe my thoughts:

A very sublime commandment from our Lord and Savior, that we love. Yea, this is the form for friendship, as men who love each other as brothers or even in a sacrificial manner is the matter for friendship. Friendship is such, and the essence of friendship is based upon love that our Lord Himself has commanded us, that we lay our lives for our friends. This is the same thing that our Lord Himself has done for His own friends; he had outstretched his arms upon that cross, and died for His friends. In a way shall we be like that with regards to our friends; that we love them and charitably correct them when they err.

…friendship is and could be a beauteous thing, for as Sacred Scripture says: “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” (Proverbs 27:17).

This takes friendship to a different level.  We literally have a responsibility to be a proactive friend.  A true friend never becomes something to plan for and squeeze into our day-timer.  Friendships and priorities do change, so that some must be allowed to slip into the background while others take precedence, but they cannot be allowed to slip away completely.  We cannot pick and slash at our friend list.  Once we call someone a friend, it is our responsibility to keep that friend.

A Hummy Sort of Day

This card is part of a collection of spring greeting cards A Hummy Sort of Day,” named after a selection in Winnie the Pooh. 

Pooh’s world is full of friends.  They all have singular personalities. Eeyore is basically always depressed, yet he is included in the forest adventures with all the rest.  Amazingly, they never expect him to be happy.  They never leave him out because he’s a grouch, or demand that he change or just get over it.  They simply love him as he is.

This is truly the essence of friendship; the sacrificial love that Jesus says is our responsibility.




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