Friend To Friend: Some People Make Every Moment Beautiful, and You Are One of These People


Friends who make ordinary moments special are irreplaceable.  Everyone needs the kind of friend who sees beauty in a dandelion…  The friend you laugh with, dream with, and know what the other is wishing when you blow dandelion puffs into the wind.  Today, on her birthday, you want her to know her gift is special to you.

5″ x 7″ handmade card with original digital design. Envelope and sticker seal included.





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A Friend to be TreasuredBirthday card front some people make every moment beautiful dandelion puffs in a trail of golden wind

The friend I thought about when we made this card is one of my oldest friends, whom I’ve known (of) since she was four or five.

My first memory of her isn’t as a friend.  I stood and watched as she peered over her mother’s shoulder while they walked into church one Sunday morning.  This little rascal saw me and promptly stuck out her tongue.  I was so hurt, and to this day I can’t understand how a cherubic looking little girl, with dark curly hair and sparkling eyes, could do that.  But I have to say, when I got to know her a few years later, I discovered that the cherub look was slightly deceiving.  She absolutely loved to tease, especially if she could make you squirm in the process.

Have you ever become best friends with someone you were afraid of?  Sounds a little unlikely, but that’s just what happened.  This girl was (is) one of a kind.  Imaginations unleashed when we were together, and we spent hours creating.  One favorite was inventing lives for Barbie and Ken, and giving them new names and sweet families.  We stayed in a never-land of pretend relationships long after some of our other friends were playing at real ones, trading back and forth between sewing Barbie wardrobes one day to sewing our own the next. Hovering between two worlds, we had the best of both.

In summer we walked the country roads sharing dreams, and in winter we skated and twirled and shared more stories. Ordinary days that left lasting memories of shared joy.  A friend to be cherished. I think I should send her this card.

A Hummy Sort of Day

This card is part of a collection of spring greeting cards called A Hummy Sort of Day.”

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