Kitchen Collection: Annie Recipe Album With Free Lemon Recipes Page


This will be your go-to recipe album.  Record all your family’s favorite recipes on the design-matched pages, and you’ll be set for weeks of easy menu planning.

Every album can be personalized.

Personalize your Recipes Album.  Please enter the name as you wish it printed on the album cover.  (“Annie’s Recipes” or “Annie’s Family Recipes.”



The “Annie” Recipe Album was designed for my daughter-in-law.  She is a girl who looks at her world with wonder, and invariably sees wishes, not weeds.  Even dandelions are beautiful.  And valued for their organic benefits.

The Kitchen Collection of Recipe Albums are practical vinyl binders with original designs slipped into clear envelopes on the covers.  While they may not have the look of “Gramma’s” recipe book, they will be nicely preserved with their wipe-clean covers.

Tab page designs are printed on heavy coated paper for wipe-able durability.

Each album contains 20 matching recipe pages with a Title Line and more so you can add your favorite recipes. (They do not have a black border.)

Lemon Recipes

The album will include two recipes printed back-to-back on a design page, ready to pop into the album and start baking.  The recipe on the back side of the page is Sour Cream Lemon Pie.

And since we’re still having lemon drops, and lemons on the tree, the front side of the page will have another lemon recipe.  This one is a quick bread with the most beautiful (and delicious) topping ever.  Totally dressed to impress.  Here is a picture of the bread, and the source of the recipe, just to tempt you:


This recipe page will be included if you order the “Annie” album.

But don’t drool as the disappointed tears drip from your sad eyes.  You can order the page if you already have the “Annie” album, or if you like collecting random pretty recipe pages.

Because I promise you, this recipe is that good.

To order the Annie recipe page if you already have the album, click here.

To order these recipes on a page for one of the other Kitchen Collection designs, click here.


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