Hope Your Day Is Filled With All The Wonderful Things You Love… With A Cherry On Top


5″ x 7″ card with original oil painting print.  Envelope and envelope seal included.

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card front birthday cherryThe Cherry On Top

Putting the cherry on top began a series of life experiences for a baker in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Back in 1964 a young Italian immigrant purchased a bakery.  The retiring owner had opened Carlo’s in 1910.  The new owner descended from an Italian family long renowned for their delicious pastries.  Today the Cake Boss is Buddy Valastro, Jr.  Buddy says the real Cake Boss was his father, who took him to work when he was just a little boy and made baking look like magic.  This is how his father taught him in those early days:

One day he had me put the cherries on top of our popular sugar cookies.

“Why are you doing it with one hand?” Dad asked. “God gave you two hands, do two at once!” Every task was a chance to teach me how to do things right and then do them better.

In spite of enjoying helping his father at the bakery, Buddy never planned on being a baker.  And his father always insisted his son would go to college and have an easier life. Then, Buddy’s father got sick, and in a short time died of cancer.  The family was devastated.  Before his father died, Buddy told him, ““I’m gonna work full-time at the bakery. I’m going to make Carlo’s a household name, like you always dreamed, I promise. I’m going to make you proud, Dad. Just get better.”  Buddy quit high school, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Today there are Carlo’s around the nation, and you can even order their famous pastries by FedEx.


A Hummy Sort of Day

This card is part of a collection of spring greeting cards A Hummy Sort of Day,” named after a selection in “Winnie the Pooh” by A. A. Milne. 


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