Blessed to be a Blessing, Beautiful Tribute for Mentor, Teacher


She opens her mouth with wisdom and kindness is on her lips.

This floral card is a beautiful tribute for a best friend, to thank a mentor, or for a special teacher.


Blessed to be a blessing. A tribute for a mentor or teacher.

This card can be a beautiful tribute to someone who influenced your life.  Someone with be attitude. A life lived with gratitude, a life passing with blessings for the next generation.

The Bible in the card image belonged to my late father.  A man who passed his blessings on to his next generations.  He spoke in his last-days-feeble-voice as my niece was leaving his bedside one day, “Let’s keep on pedalling.”

A man who leaned upon his staff many times.  Who began every prayer with “Our kind, gracious, heavenly Father…”

Today, I lean my head upon my staff, and thank God for the countless blessings He has showered upon my life.

I am blessed.  May I have be attitude, and pay tribute to those who blessed me.

(Taken from “Blessed to be a Blessing, A Be Attitude“)

Blessed To Be A Blessing Tribute Card Details

  • Card Front ~ Print of an original oil painting by Dorothy Ensz, digitally altered. Soft pinks and purples complement the message, “She openeth her mouth with wisdom and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.”
  • Card Inside ~ Creamy textured paper lines the inside of the card, printed with a lovely interior design.  Blank for your own message.
  • Size ~ 5″ x 7″ card, with a top fold.
  • Envelope ~ Creamy white envelope, a great match to the card.
  • Shipping ~ We package and mail our orders within 3-5 business days after payment is cleared.  (We make 50 cards of each design.)  Cost for shipping is $1.50 per card, but you can order in multiples.  While this adds a small amount to your shipping costs, it saves much more in the cost per card.
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