Baby’s Here – Introducing Our First Birth Announcement


Can anything be more exciting than announcing the birth of a new baby?  This is not our first try at designing an announcement, but it’s the first one we’re sharing.  Just ’cause…  This baby has a special story, and only partly because he is my son’s child.  Click on the card to read more…

Do you want your special announcement designed with TLC?  Send us some requests and/or details in the contact form.  All information will be kept confidential, and no copy of your card will be shown if you want it to be a one of a kind.

4.25″ x 5.5″ card.  Envelope Included.


Why are a birth announcement and a Cardio Supplement in the same picture?  Levi was born healthy and strong, and he thrived from the beginning.  But when he was just seven weeks old his daddy had a stroke.  Yes, my strong, robust, twenty-nine-year-old son had a stroke!

Daddy went for a bike ride early one Sunday morning, and barely made it back home.  He stumbled and fumbled his bike into the garage, resting on the steps for a few minutes before going inside.  He collapsed on the couch, and Levi’s mom was a little worried.  She put the baby on his lap so she could get him a granola bar and Gatorade.  He thought he might have gotten too hungry.  Then daddy fell asleep and baby began to slide to the side, and mommy got a lot worried.  She called 911, and the rest played out in a very scary scenario.

In the hospital, they did every known stroke test, and could not find a culprit.  They administered a test they’d never had to give to any patient yet in this hospital, and found that he had a PFO.  A PFO, in non-medical-ese, is a valve between the two heart chambers that didn’t close when he was born.  In 75% of the population it closes at birth.  So yes, 25% of us walk around with PFOs and we never find out, because only 10% of those affected ever suffer from it.  And if they do suffer effects, it’s usually around the age of my son.

So baby Levi spent half a week in the hospital with mommy and daddy when he was just seven weeks old, because he had to stay close to his food supply.  And he thrived!  We’re happy to report that with surgery to close the valve, our son is doing well.  Now for safety, because he wants to be around when Levi is 29, daddy uses a supplement.


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