Love, Family and a Little Chocolate: A Special Valentine’s Day

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February 14th: A Special Day for Love and Family

How will you celebrate this special day?  Is it about you and one other?  Or do you celebrate friendship and family love?

There’s the part of Valentine’s Day that is “mooshy” as my daughter disdainfully calls it.

Then there’s the part that is pure symbol of what you have that is good in life.

The love in our family is a gift we are so thankful for.  If God hadn’t set an angel beside and inside each one of us, we wouldn’t have each other.

There’s too many ways to count the mistakes we make that only grace and love can cover and keep us together.

Today our family chooses to celebrate our gift, and magnify every little spark of affection and attachment between us.

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How We Make this a Special Day

We have no great plans besides planning to be together.

I haven’t done a lot of shopping and preparing and creating and decorating.

Just a few little things, that I hope will tell them all that this day is for us.

  • Scissors, pink knit, thread and a sewing machine = three little outfits for three sweet grand littles to wear today.
  • A packet of heart decorated paper napkins, and a table set with care.  With these flowers for part of the centerpiece.
  • The favorite family menu for dinner:  Shrimp Linguine, Butterflied Shrimp, Shrimp Scampi.  Those of you who have read here for any length of time know that this is our holiday special.  We’re not picky as long as shrimp is involved.
  • Red Velvet Cheesecake with Cherries and Chocolate.  Did I say chocolate?
  • A swag with all the words from the Love Chapter, which we made in this post.
red velvet cheesecake photo collage
PS Collage by kimenink with cake photo

Red Velvet Cheesecake

Red Velvet Cheesecake Recipe on Jayne Recipe Album page

Happy Valentine’s Day

May you have a special day
celebrating with the ones you love.

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