Tips on Having A Workation While Staying Home

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If you’re here to find out how to live in the Bahamas or some other exotic island while you run a booming internet business, you’ve come to the wrong post.

This post is about having two sisters visit, at the same time, while you aren’t on vacation.  And getting stuff done while you’re entertaining.

This won’t be an in depth study or a very serious list, but hang in here with me.  There are ways to have fun and do a little work at the same time.

Save shopping for when your sisters visit.

Image may contain: plant, indoor and food
One successful shopping trip yielded a two-tier metal tray. Something that was on both my sister’s and my list. Photo: Pinterest

When my sisters visit, they like to shop my city.  Goodwill, Hobby Lobby, Kirkland’s, Target, Kohl’s… all those places where you find hidden treasures.

Finding treasures takes a while, so you can run around gathering things that are on your list for your business while they pick up this sweater and put it back, and try to choose between one piece of decor or another.

Since my business involves pretty paper and harvesting ideas to put on paper, casual shopping is actually a very good chance to buy supplies, and to get ideas.  Just have pen and paper, or memo on your phone, to remind yourself later about your inspiration.  Remember that you can break copyrights by taking actual photos of things, so your reminders may need to be handwritten, with just the details that apply to your business.

When you’re finished shopping and they’re not, you can sit on a bench with your phone or tablet and get some rough writing in, to polish later when you’re not distracted and have access to your favorite workplace.

Image result for down comforter and ruched duvet
A shopping trip to Goodwill yielded this prize. Brand new condition, labels intact. Plus a duck down comforter from Ikea. Yasss!!! Photo source: Dillard’s

Let them shop for you while you’re back on the ranch.

Yesterday we spent a successful morning shopping.  After lunch at Chipotle’s, I was done.  They weren’t.

I gave my sister my credit card and my list, and I went home.  We were all happy.

Taking a break is really good for business.

Remember that no one can keep getting fresh ideas and inspiration sitting in the office or workplace, seeing only the same four walls all the time.

Inspiration flows from many places:

  • Having a quiet time with a cup of coffee and your Bible or other inspirational reading or listening.
  • Shopping the places that you love, because you want to make things you love.  Seeing those things through other artists’ inspiration often piques your own style.
  • Hiking and picnicking in nature, even short walks around the neighborhood with your guests, will get the creative juices flowing.  You can entertain your family and stash ideas away for later.
  • Eating out at unique restaurants with special ambiance entertains your guests, and also serves as a jumping off place for surprising ideas.

This post is the result of a mini epiphany while running about.

And my sisters’ subliminal nagging me to get a life.

Oh, they wouldn’t admit that their vacation destination had the secondary mission of getting me out of my little world.  And even if it wasn’t, I’m glad they came, so that I could escape ordinary life for a short time.  And get new ideas!!

Rio Mirage patio, El Mirage, AZ
This is the beautiful patio of a nearby Spanish restaurant. It’s always a favorite place to impress guests in fall, winter or spring.



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