Handmade Love, A Language That Never Fails

Handmade With Love Just For You scrapbook page on Unsplash.com photo

Today we’re straying from the Baby Shower theme to a different topic to talk about handmade love.

Not what you think, and not Valentine’s Day stuff.

But a sweet, reaching out, agape sort of caring love.

Yesterday a young girl came up to me in church, holding a paper.

Shyly, she said, “Can you give this to …..”  To my daughter.

The daughter who can’t do crowds because of her autistic anxiety.  The daughter who is afraid to go to worship because she can never measure up to what she hears, and that causes another type of anxiety.

I felt like hugging this sweet girl.  I wanted to wrap her in a bear hug and slobber tears all over her.

She is the first. person. ever. to do this for my daughter since she was in grade school.


What can I say?

When I handed it to my daughter, she was quiet.  She looked at it and read it silently.

Then, the rest of the day, she was calm.

Calmer than she has been for a long time.  Calm in a way that is in our prayers for her every single day.

Bless this child/young woman from church.  She has no idea (yet) what she did.

But now you have an idea, friends, of the tremendous value a piece of paper can have.

I’m going to preach it.

Reach out with Paper Love.



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