“All That is Gold Does Not Glitter” Lettered Card of the Week

Geo Gold Card of the Week

“All that is gold does not glitter.”

Here I go.

Quoting Tolkien when I’ve never even read his books.  (Bucket list?  Do you recommend I read them?)

But how is that different than quoting Shakespeare?  Lots of his words are immortalized, and no one seems to care that he is the author.

In fact, William said something similar, “All that glisters is not gold.”

Someone added, “Sometimes it’s God.”

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All that glitters is not gold.
Sometimes it’s God

Sometimes God glitters, but sometimes He doesn’t.  At times, doing the right thing is just plain hard and lowly.

Sometimes looking for the real gold takes tremendous effort and stick-to-it-iveness.

The minister we listened to this Sunday had a touching example about digging for the gold.  It’s kinda gritty, actually, but that’s what it’s all about, right?

James’ living depends on cows and calves.  Specifically, healthy calves born to healthy cows.  He was tremendously pleased with one calf one certain spring.  The calf was gorgeous. He leaped and frolicked and his coat glistened with health.

And then, one day, James went out to his herd, and little No. 53 and his momma were nowhere to be seen.  After some searching, he found them, momma nosing above her baby, who was down in the grass, too weak to get up.  James tried to help him stand.  He flopped down again.  James took him to the farmyard, and began operation “save No. 53.”  He wouldn’t bottle feed.  No, James had to stomach feed him, for two weeks.  No. 53 held on, but not much more.  James’s children laughed and said, “Oh, Dad’s out feeding a dead calf.”  For some reason James kept at it, and then, one morning, No. 53 looked like he was trying to stand.  In a week he could stand on his own.  The triumphant day came that No. 53 could go back to the pasture.

James turned the herd out to the far pastures for the summer, and didn’t see them till roundup in the fall.  As the herd came in, one calf stood head and shoulders above all the rest.  Yes, when James checked his ear tag, it was No. 53!  Win!

What made James have faith in that dying calf?  Why did he spend all those hours coaxing life out of a hopeless looking situation?

There was a spark there that James felt, if he didn’t see.

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There was potential for glitter,
even if there was no gold to be seen.

Do you have a dull, very non-glittering situation in your life?

No one ever has to read far back in their journal to discover pages with no seeming gold.

But in the following pages, did you note that the dull spot began to shine?  The situation that seemed undoable suddenly began to have potential?

For those who face these dull, gritty times, here is a kimenink card to give you hope.


Hang on for the glitter.
God is there.