When You Pray for a Baby and Then You Wait

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Have you sometimes wondered if you would ever be a mother?

If you would have a chance to hold a newborn in your arms, and feel the bond of love begin to grow between a mother and her child?

Did you ever ask God, even demand to know, if He had that experience written into His plan for you?

Because it sure didn’t seem like it.  It seemed like the days were inching slowly onward, and there was no pink or blue on your horizon.

And there were times when you turned your head into your pillow and let the hot tears of self-pity flow.

And then it happened.

A Baby is Coming!

You woke up one morning with the certainty that you would be a mother, and it was a fact that you could begin to plan the nursery and paint walls and buy a crib and oh and ah at the baby clothes in the department store.

And buy way more of them than any newborn would ever wear.

And you thanked God, over and over, for the miracle of love that arrived kicking and squalling and spitting into your world.

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not every birth is perfect.

Not every nine months of expecting a newborn is filled with fuzzy feelings of anticipation.

Sometimes there is fear.  Sometimes the doctor wants to do more ultrasounds than you think is necessary for a healthy birth.

And then you know.

You know that very likely, this child,

that you waited for so long, the first girl baby to be born on your husband’s side of the family, is having problems.

Slowly you realize, something isn’t right.

Several times a day, the doctor says, lay down and count baby heartbeats.

Three times a week you go in and get hooked up to a machine that knows if the little life inside of you is struggling too hard.

The doctor’s tape measure and the scales become fearful tools in your eyes.

Is the baby growing?  Should she be born now, or can we wait until the due date?

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A Baby is Born!

Now, the doctor says.

Now you need to go to the hospital, and this girl baby will be born.

The doctor is smiling when it’s all over.  That’s a good sign, isn’t it?

The baby is crying, there is no rush to Baby ICU; you begin to relax.

Then the doctor announces, “She’s a ten!”

And she is.  All 5 pounds 8 ounces of her, the tiny bundle that fits into a doll basket, is a Ten.

She’s a ten on the health chart, and she’s a multiple of ten in your arms, in her daddy’s eyes, and in grandma and grandpa’s smiling faces.

Slowly the memory of problems and fears fade into the background.

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Baby ~ God’s Answer to Your Prayer

And the huge reality

that God answered your prayers

is born in your thankful heart.

And if God answered this prayer, He will surely see you through to the fulfillment of this life which has now begun.  In His time, in His way.

Because, this child so long awaited,


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