Keep Your Fork, There’s Pie, and Some Other Goodies


I have a little guilty pleasure.

I’m a not-so-secret fan of all things British Royal Family.

Do you think they are actually living, breathing people, like the rest of us?

I don’t think so.  I think that someone like Beatrix Potter just invented this huge fairy tale that keeps going on and on, and uses real people as props to act out the parts.  I mean, how can a Royal Wedding be real?  Two beautiful people with spectacular clothes smiling and posing for the whole world?  And then having those photos shown and published and republished for time everlasting?

Who in their right mind would sign up for such a deal?  I think they must have filler people for the days they just can’t.  You know, how some days you just can’t adult and so you hole up on the couch with a book all day?  That’s most likely how Princess Kate does it.  Gets her look-alike to pose on the hospital steps with a baby with it’s outfit on backwards and smile while the wind gusts so bad that your skin folds over on itself.

If it really is her, Princess Kate, I have utmost respect for her and all the others like her.  That is the most amazing life to live, and pretend to enjoy.

There's Pie photo of young queen Elizabeth and duke of Edinburgh
A young Duke asks Elizabeth why all the goblets are empty. Seriously, who remembers them this young?? Photo source

On the other hand, sometimes there’s pie.

Which is an absolute necessity to reward these people for living the way they do.

Trips that take them to the back of beyond, into restaurants that the locals call “Greasy Spoons” and the chef is also the waitress and busboy and the whole town lines up at the windows staring in while you eat.

That is pure bravery.  And be able to keep smiling the whole time?  And say Thank you and Please without end.

So this is where the Duke of Edinburgh finds himself one day in the distant past, when he was still young enough to travel to Britain’s other countries.  He’s in a small northern Canadian town, eating local, and meeting and greeting the mayor and high school principal or whoever they pull out for these occasions.

His plate is empty, and the waitress come to remove it to the kitchen.  But there’s one thing.

She stands holding his plate there beside the table and smiles at him, the Duke, and says, “You might want to keep your fork.  There’s pie.”

Now in our family, we know that pie is one of the ultimate desserts.  I mean, from when I was growing up.  If we had pie, we were eating like kings.  Or dukes, in this case.

Keep Your Fork There's Pie Poster
This poster can be downloaded for free at the bottom of this post. The poster is a letter size PDF.


That’s why it is so important to

Keep Your Fork, Because There Might be Pie!

This sweet lady immortalized herself and the Duke’s fork by reminding him about pie.

That is super important, people.

Remember, there is always pie.  So keep your forks.

Don’t throw up your hands and bail when it looks like everything’s over.

That is when you absolutely must keep your fork just a little longer.

Because the thing that comes next might be the best thing ever.

There's Pie Boysenberry Letter Art Bible Verse


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