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Watercolor Tropical Theme Day Planner Printable

Do you use a day planner?

I’ve never known how to use a real day planner.  It feels too much like a diary to me, I guess.  I don’t like writing my inner dreams and wishes down for someone to sneak in and read.

Can you tell that happened to me in the past?  Unfortunately, yes, and it’s left me soured on diaries ever since.

But, these days, when life can be so complicated, it’s good to keep notes together as much as possible.

I use a calendar on my phone, and add memos on my phone when I’m away.  So I know I won’t write everything down on these pages.  I’ll also have sticky notes stuck here and there, and backs of envelopes tucked into the binder pockets.

But it will all be in the same place in the end, because I can transfer the most important digital notes into the day planner in the end.  It’s likely, though, that a combination of digital and paper planner will be how I roll.

I have read that writing things down on paper helps you remember them better, as it reinforces it in your mind twice: first by the action of writing it, and then seeing it as you write.

The very best part of handwritten lists is that you can strike the tasks off when they’re done.  You can erase them from your digital calendar, but no reminder is left that you finished something.  It’s so much more satisfying to see that nice thick line through an entry on your written list.

So try these pages for yourself.  See what you think.  Do they work?  Let me know, and give me ideas on how you would change it.  This is pretty basic, for basic people.  Like me.

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Day Planner Binding Ideas

We suggest printing the planner pages on heavier paper, such as 32# to 48#.  We had a few ideas for binding the pages of this planner:

  1. Print each page on it’s own 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper.  When you add another month, use double sided tape on the top, bottom, and inside edge to attach the new page.  This will create a pocket to keep receipts, business cards, reminders and so on.  To keep this pocket from dumping it’s contents, you could punch holes through both pages and tie a lace or ribbon through the holes.  Use a different color of ribbon for each month, and you have color coded index dividers!
  2. Our second idea, which we did for my mil since she had so many appointments, was to make charts. The first chart named all her doctors, nurses and therapists, their phone numbers and addresses, and a place for notes.  On the other blank side a chart lists all her medications, when to take, and amounts.  Everyone needs lists: to-do, bucket list, etc.  Make a chart, and personalize the blank sides of your planner pages.
  3. Use the blank side for art journaling. All your doodles and notes-to-self can be artfully drawn on the blank sides of planner pages.  Use markers or colored pencils, and stickers, and whatever you can think of.  You’ll never want to throw it away!
  4. Another option is to print the first page of each month onto the back of the second page of the previous month.  Here is where the heavier paper is nice, as it will not show through, and will have more strength for pen or pencil entries (and the inevitable erasing and cross-outs).
  5. Bind the planner pages in a 3-ring binder; with O-rings; or a comb binder for a nice lightweight solution.  I’m using a three ring binder this year, and if you show me your handy additions, I’ll share what I come up with, too.
  6. If you need a binder for your day planner pages, we sell them in our Etsy shop or right here on our website.

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