The Spirit of Christmas, a Story and A New Year’s Resolution

The Spirit of Christmas A Story to Take Into the New Year

How many of you remember Uncle Arthur’s Bedtime Stories?

In our family, we heard them read so often, and read them ourselves when we learned to read, that we could probably still tell some by memory.

Like the story of a poor little boy who chose a doll when he was told he could pick a toy from under a Christmas Tree.

He wanted the red fire truck.  Oh, yes, how he wanted that shiny truck.

But when he saw the doll, he knew he had to pick that.  Even though other kids laughed and pointed and called him sissy and other worse names, he proudly carried that doll home.

Because, you see, he had a little sister at home, who was sick and couldn’t come to the Christmas party.  A sister who didn’t have a doll.

And you can guess the rest, because if I try to tell it to you, I’ll end up slopping tears all over the place.  I’m still that way about heart-tugging stories.

mother reads to children from Uncle Arthur's bedtime storybook
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A Modern Day Uncle Arthur’s Story

This year,

just last week,

I heard a similar heart-tugging story.  And, yes, I have a lump in my throat writing about it.

Uncle Arthur’s Stories are true, but they happened so long ago.

This story happened this Christmas.  I first read about it as told by the mother. Then I found out who Plain Jane was, and it really tugged at me.

This story is about a little girl who also wanted a doll.

Or, at least, her mother wanted to get her a doll.  A special doll.  For a special girl.

Mother didn’t even bother to search regular stores, doubting she’d find the doll she wanted.  She knew she’d have to find someone to make the doll.  She looked for a doll maker, and found just the right one.

This dollmaker looked at the picture of the little girl, and memorized her special face.

Then she went to work.

She cut and stitched and put together the best doll ever.

The mother fell in love with the doll upon first sight, and was too excited to wait till Christmas to give it to her little girl.

She gave the doll, and then, she said, the little girl fell in love at first sight, giggled, and hugged it close, and from then on, took the special doll with her wherever she went.  She would not be parted with it.

She named her doll:

“Princess Cheek”

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                                   Doll created by Plain Jane. Link is

Isn’t this the most adorable doll ever?  Did you see her cheek?

This is what the little girl’s mother wrote (for anonymity, I changed the little girl’s name):

“As Cassie’s mom, I have always been outspoken about her facial defect (infantile hemangioma), and advocated for acceptance and awareness. Up until very recently, Cassie has been blissfully unaware that she has an extra feature which makes her unique. I contacted a small shop owner who makes heirloom quality dolls. Not only did she agree to make a custom doll for Cassie, she offered it as a gift, no strings attached. She asked for a photo of Cassie’s face and some other preferences, such as hair, clothes, and shoes. When she finished, I could not believe how detailed the doll’s birthmark was, and how much it looked exactly like Cassie!

I had planned on giving her to Cassie at Christmas, but I could not wait. When I gave the doll to Cassie, her eyes lit up—she immediately touched her cheek and smiled. Now, Cassie has a baby doll that looks JUST like her, thanks to Little Plain Jane!  The time and care this shop took to make the birthmark identical to Cassie’s, leaves me speechless. Cassie hasn’t put the doll down since I gave it to her; and named her (all by herself): Princess Cheek. This is the most wonderful gift we could have received this Christmas. This little girl has never been happier.”

Plain Jane, who is so far from plain, said I could show you a picture of the doll when I asked her if I could share this story.

This is the Spirit of Christmas!

THIS is my New Year’s Resolution.

This is the Spirit I want to take into the New Year.

This kind of love that fulfills a request, then goes above and beyond.

A Spirit that takes loving and giving to a whole new level.

Here’s to a New Year called Two Thousand and Eighteen: the Year of Love that goes Above and Beyond.

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