New Year 2018 ~ Planning to Live Mindfully

New Year 2018 Planning to Live Mindfully Watercolor Wishes Calendar by

The New Year is peeking through the wreathed and garlanded doorways.

It’s sneaking up on us through the candles and the greenery and the scent of baking cookies.

Very, very soon now, we’ll turn that calendar page from 2017 to


January calendar page
January page for Watercolor Wishes Calendar by


Am I ready for it?

What are my intentions for this new year?

What are my goals?

Sometimes, once in awhile,

when I’m sitting and thinking and wondering about the future,

and today, when I have so many things to do, it feels as if the whole goals thing is overrated.

Why do we have to have goals?  Why do we fill day planners, month planners, and quarterly planners to the last threatening square?  What do we accomplish with all that intense dedication?

Most of us would say our plans for the new year are to

live mindfully…

We want to have our priorities in the right place…  We want to have time for the important things in life…

So. Very. True.

may calendar page
May page for Watercolor Wishes 2018 Calendar by


And THAT is why we fill planners and calendars and write beautiful quotes on chalkboards in our dining rooms.

Because all of that actually helps us accomplish our goals.  Not only our work goals, but our mindful goals, too.  Not just financial goals, but planning carefully guides the way to our ultimate goals.

Being intentional about everything, even setting aside time slots for random acts of kindness and for being a couch potato should be interwoven in the whole goals thing.

March calendar page
March page for Watercolor Wishes 2018 Calendar by


New Year 2018.

Pencil His Way into your plan.

Live mindfully!



  1. Michelle Leslie

    Your Watercolor Wishes calendar looks so beautiful. The pictures are stunning and the accompanying quotes are really thought provoking too. I often think that we spend to much time thinking about the big material things in life, that we forget about the small, rally important ones like love and peace and contentment. Big hairy audacious goals are good, but they don’t come close to appreciating little meaningful moments every day

    1. Dorothy

      Yes, you read my mind and said it better than I did. I want this calendar to be a personal reminder throughout the year.

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