Pearls and Painted Butterfly Card of the Week

When you have six sisters,
you learn a language that doesn’t need words.
Smirks, smiles, snorts, sniffs, sighs and gasps.
You learn to watch faces as you talk
and as you walk because
that’s the way you acquire social skills.
You gage acceptance by expressions.
You learn invaluable talents when you have six sisters.

I love my sisters.

And I really don’t like it at all that we keep having birthdays and getting older, year by year.

We’ve had so much fun, we seven sisters, even though the gap between the oldest and the youngest is twenty-two years. Because in all the negative expressions mentioned, the end result of every one is invariably laughter.

It hasn’t always been that way. We’ve had the usual jealousy and hurt feelings and cruel words.

But then, someone would start laughing, and all would be forgiven and forgotten.


So Many Birthdays!

There is no way to keep up with the snail mail birthday card thing.  Every once in awhile I make a New Year’s resolution that THIS year I’ll mail cards to each sister. (And three brothers. And in-laws. See? There’s no end anymore!)

This card is more of a token than the real deal, because the sister it’s for already had her birthday last week, and it’s time to mail Christmas cards, anyway.

Now we have a family group chat and send our birthday wishes that way.

I love it.  The messages are more spontaneous.  We get one from everyone because when one remembers, the rest are guilted into adding their special messages, and we end up hearing from more of them than we would with mailed cards.


DIY The Pearls and Painted Butterfly Card

Maybe you don’t have as many sisters as I do, and you want to try making a card.  That wouldn’t be as daunting as making six, like I’d have to.

These are the supplies I used:

  1. Luminart shimmer watercolor paint in Blue Zircon and Autumn Butternut
  2. Heavy watercolor paper, cut to 6″x4″. Spatter with autumn butternut shimmer paint. Paint two pale blue zircon butterflies, almost fading into the background.
  3. Fiskars large butterfly punch out of white vellum.
  4. Fussy cut a larger butterfly shape out of watercolor paper using the punch butterfly as a pattern. Paint this with the blue zircon shimmer watercolor paint. Accent with autumn butternut. Let dry.
  5. When all the paint is dry, attach the large butterfly with a strip of glue on the back of the butterfly body. Place small pop dots under each wing. Glue the punched butterfly on top of the painted one.
  6. Three 1/4″ white pearl accents.
  7. Aqua 5″x7″ card, or cut a piece of cardstock in a color that matches the butterfly.
  8. Cut gold vellum to 6 1/4″ x 4 1/4″. Glue watercolor to gold vellum, then to card front.

NOTE:  If you want a birthday message, print it onto the watercolor paper before cutting and painting.

Pearls and Painted Butterfly Sister Birthday Card butterfly image
Look closely to see the beautiful shimmer the Luminart shimmer paints leave when they’re dry.