He Will Cover You With His Feathers Watercolor Card

Watercolor Feather Card Image on brown table with plant

He will cover you with His feathers,
and under His wings you will find refuge.

Psalm 91:4

This morning I woke up with a purpose. I wanted to make this card.

I hadn’t thought of the verse, but this card would have a feather painting on it.  It was unusual for me to be so certain about that, since I had never painted a feather before. I looked at watercolor feather pictures for inspiration, and found a feather tutorial. Could I do it? It seemed foolish trying a new thing for a card that needed to convey a heart-heaping-full of comfort.

In the end, the feather kind of painted itself. My hands just followed the instructions that came from Somewhere. The feather should be brownish silver, but then the turquoise and green shimmer watercolors wanted to represent. The feather said glitter; shimmer isn’t enough.

This feather was going to portray an important message, even though I didn’t know the words yet.

The feelings were there, a full heart and even overflowing tears at times, for this friend of mine who is going through a very difficult time.  The feelings that became this feather.

Watercolor Feather Card Image on aqua background He will cover you with his feathers

Then I searched for words.

I tried out the Emily Dickinson quote:

Emily Dickinson feathers quote on aqua

My friend needs hope at this time. A vibrant hope that can carry her through the days ahead, until time has done it’s noble work and truly sings the tune that is resting in the soul when one has hope.

For true hope? Timeless hope? Unfailing hope?

The Psalms never fail.

The words seemed right. Psalms 91:4.

A hurting soul, covered by feathers as soft as down and ever so warming. The feathers that can give refuge from the watching world, the critical world, and wrap her in a cocoon of two, just she and God.

Where no one can penetrate the comfort of God’s love and inject a syringe of despair. Of hopelessness. Of “life will never be the same.”


God’s feathers have the power to protect.

Watercolor Feather Card Image on brown table with turquoise plate

Then, when she is brave and strong again, she will venture from her refuge, and be strong enough to face the world.

And now the world will be loving and caring once more.

Because time heals all things.

And love prevails.

He Will Cover You With His Feathers Watercolor Card-kimenink