Aurora Lights, A Shimmer Watercolor Winter Card


Some happenings leave indelible impressions.

Terrifying moments.

Awe-inspiring feelings.

Intensely beautiful scenes.

But one crisp winter snow-wrapped evening in my northern home all those impressions impacted me at one time.

Three of us sat around a campfire in the snow. Talking. Laughing. But mostly enjoying the beauty of a winter wonderland.  Our town’s slogan was “where prairie meets pine” and our farm was right there.  Pines silhouetted against a clear star-studded sky made bright by reflected snow.



Aurora Borealis

This happened.

We stood to our feet, faces lifted to the light, gasping in wonder. Who could sit before such beauty?

We had seen northern lights before, but never, ever with this all-surrounding light that pulled our eyes up, up into an apex of awe.  It was as if we were centered in a pyramid that stretched to heaven, and if we only had better eyesight, we could have seen God or the angels at the tip of this cone of pure white light.
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I understand how the shepherds must have felt when they saw the bright light of the angels proclaiming the coming of the Messiah.


I think I know how the coming of the light will be when the Messiah comes to take us to heaven.

And if it’s like this…

If the light is even half as awesome as that night was, (and I know it will be so much more,)

I can hardly wait.

This memory flooded my mind and inspired this shimmery watercolor card,

Aurora Lights

Aurora Lights purple shimmer watercolor with pine silhouette card front


Find this card in our shop.  Each card is one of a kind: shimmer watercolor background hand painted on heavy multi-media textured paper.  Then embellished with an intricately cut pine tree silhouette.