Forever and Always: Legally One, or Not? Card of the Week

forever and always wedding card

To have and to hold, from this day forward.

I do. I will.


A sacred bond, entered into verbally before family and friends, who watch in varying shades of emotion as two people seal their love before God and these witnesses.

Then a paper form is signed and stamped, sealed as a legal document that lives in a bank vault thereafter. Ready for all future contracts entered into as a couple. To reinforce the love that brought his and hers into a beautiful ours.

forever wedding card image

That’s how it’s supposed to happen.

Sometimes things don’t go the way they’re supposed to.

Sometimes officiaters get absentminded and forget about forms. Or let the bride and groom get riced and bubbled and on the way to their forever with incomplete papers.

It’s good not to know, that first little while, that the vows might not be real. One day of bliss before the for better and for worse begins.

Imagine having to reverse honeymoon plans, because the necessary paperwork said we weren’t really married. Legally.

Fortunately, we only lost one day to legalities. We backtracked to meet our minister and two witnesses half way between them and us.

And then marriage went on, all legalized before God and man and the government, from that day forward.

So, trick question: which day was the true wedding day?

As I made this card for our young friends the memories flowed back.

And I realized, of course, that the legal part has never been an issue.

Marriage begins in the heart long before the vows are exchanged.  Before the form is stamped and sealed.

Don’t get me wrong, I firmly believe a small crowd of witnesses and the seal before God are required.

forever wedding card inside image

Forever, A Wedding Card Tutorial


  • 5″ x 14″ heavy multi-media textured paper, such as Canson
  • Cuttlebug, or any die cutting machine, and scallop edge cutting die and embossing die, such as Spellbinders Oh Happy Day.
  • Computer program for creating art.  I used PhotoShop and Microsoft Publisher.
  • Cricut Explore Air machine and Cricut Design Space Access. Find the Table Numbers Vintage Wedding project.
  • Printer and white lightweight matte paper.
  • Luminart Shimmer Watercolor paint in Pearl Red.
  • Ruler, glue, scissors and paper cutter.

card tools for embossing and cutting scallop edge

Cut, Emboss, Fold and Size:

  • Run the front right of card through the die cutting machine with a curved edge die cut.
  • Run it through again with an embossing die.
  • Score and fold so the card front measures 6″ wide. Cut the back 7″ from the fold.

Card Front Inset and Inside Message:

  • In Publisher, open a page.
  • Prepare two rectangles, one 3.5″ x 4″ and one 5″ x 7″. Color them R249 G213 B213.
  • The larger rectangle is the inside of the card.  Add a message to the left side. I used Bickham Script Pro, with swashes on just two of the words.  I typed the word forever off on the side, with swashes, to be manipulated in PhotoShop to create the stretched lines. (In the end, I think using circles and lines would have worked better to do this part.)
  • Center initials on the small rectangle, using swashes for a look you like.
  • Name this page and save as a jpeg. Close the page.
  • Open the page in PhotoShop.
  • Manipulate the word “forever,” as shown, by designing extending lines. Erase the white background and drag the word into place on the larger rectangle.
  • Flatten the image and save.
  • Reopen the page in Publisher.
  • Print page on the lightweight matte paper.
  • Cut out the rectangles.
  • Glue the larger one inside the card, with the word forever showing on the right side.
Forever wedding card pink backgrounds with words
Jpeg from Publisher to PhotoShop and back to Publisher

Oval Decorative Frame


  • Open Cricut Design Space and find the Table Numbers Vintage Wedding project. Hide all the parts except the oval frame. Size the frame to 3.5″ x 3.75″ .
  • Place white cardstock on the cutting mat and cut the frame, following Design Space directions.
  • Brush several coats of pink shimmer watercolor on the frame and the embossed edge of card front. Let dry.
  • Adhere the frame to the small pink initialed rectangle and trim the edges.
  • Glue to the card front.
Forever wedding card Cricut frame set up for cutting screenshot
Screenshot of frame in Cricut Design Space

If any of the instructions are incomplete or incomprehensible, please let me know in the comments.

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