Best Teacher Ever, Easy Personalized Book Cover DIY

Best Teacher Ever Personalized Book Cover DIY

The long awaited day is coming up like a yellow bus on mega-vitamins.

Well, long awaited for one little girl.

The rest of the family?  Not so much.

Kindergarten begins next week.

She’s way too little, says Grandma.  How did this happen?

Well, if it’s going to happen, she’s going to go in style.  (She’s young enough to think Grandma-style is cool.  I hope.)

And Grandma is going to be involved.  Yes, ma’am.  In my day, every teacher loved a gift from a student.  That hasn’t changed, right?  So we’re making a glitzy, rose-gold composition notebook for the better be! best teacher ever.  She’s teaching my granddaughter!

rose gold best teacher cover ready to print
Place chosen font on background and print.

#1. Fire up Photo Shop

I made a rosy pink rectangle on my new page.  The RGB colors are R244 G203 B191.

I picked a swirly girly font, in this case, Vincentia, and wrote the message.  Once I got the words lined up, I flattened and saved the image as a jpeg.

Then I opened it in Illustrator so I could size it.  For the composition book, 6″ x 8″ was perfect.  Print it out.

rose gold painted book cover
Paint gold over the font and add gold dots

#2.  Paint and Brushes

I found a Royal Gold in Metallic FolkArt paint.  With a round tip brush, I went over all the writing on the printed piece.  I had to do 2 coats on most of it.

Turn your brush over and dab the handle tip in the paint.  Make big spots all around the outer edges.  Then choose a smaller brush and make smaller dots.  Choose smaller brushes until you have enough dots of different sizes fading to the center.  Let this dry.

Glue it to the front of your composition notebook.

SO pretty.

I know my little will be teacher’s pet because of this gift.  Well, it wouldn’t be because she’s the only kindergarten student in this mini private school, would it?

rose gold best teacher notebook diy
All ready for Miss Teacher!


  1. Lisa

    This is extra cute!

    1. Dorothy

      Thanks. And so easy to make.

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