Gather Together and Celebrate The Many Blessings of Fall

Gather Together

Another Fall Celebration Post

Every blog in the blogosphere worth its place on the internet
has its own special way of welcoming Fall.  

And so,
even though our part of the Sonoran Desert in Arizona
doesn’t show off that much physical evidence that fall is here –
the temperatures change only one slow degree at a time
the colors seem to just get brown and browner
with some lovely yellow cottonwoods to save the day –
we still celebrate fall.  

How Rich and Glorious are the Blessings with swirls Celebrate Fall Post

And gather the Best and Coziest Fall Necessities
into our air-conditioned homes…

Gathered Nature

Having just returned from the midwest to see family,
I brought as many fallen chestnuts as I could pack into my carry-on.
No, the x ray scanner didn’t like the lumpy zip bags
and had to do a close scrutiny of the situation.
And then offended my chestnuts by calling them acorns.
But that’s okay.
Because they let me bring the “acorns” home.  

And then there’s this…

Gather lettered wood and jar of chestnuts

My DIL got out her paints one morning
and scrounged the garage and outbuildings
and found this lovely rustic piece of wood.  

I left the sign with her, but I have the chestnuts!
The best part of that morning
is the memory of my three year old grandson
painting his own piece of grungy wood.
All in a bright, bright red.
Of course he got done long before we did,
and was off doing what little boys do
while grammas and mommys paint.


Essential Oil Diffuser

This is going to be a part of my fall repertoire from now on.
There’s candles… and candle warmers.
And then there’s essential oils…
and essential essential oil diffusers…
to fill your home with the scents
and healthy benefits of the oils.
Read this post to understand oils
and not feel weird about diffusing them.

(You know, flower children and burning incense and all that.)


Fall Essential Oil Diffuser Blends Instead of Candles!

There are also recipes out there that help So. Much. when you have a cold and sneeze all day and your head is all stuffed up.  Ask me how I know.


Pillows and Throws

As I wandered innocently down the aisles of one of my favorite stores,
I saw so many displays of cozy throws and snuggly pillows.
I just knew that my vintage ladder was at home
longing for a fall colored throw,
and how can you resist when a precious part of your household
needs something?  

There’s this style…

Image result for fall throws
On Sutton Place

or this one…


Image result for fall throws
UTR Decorating

How to decide between all the lovely options?
Which would you pick?


Hot Buttered Popcorn

Who doesn’t agree that popcorn spilling
into the bottom of a “real” popcorn machine
is one of the ultimate fall experiences?
The smell.
The taste.
Filling a bag with buttery morsels
that grease through the paper in no time
and coat your fingers with a tasty salty lotion.
And my little granddaughters agree.
They sat on the kitchen counter,
noses practically pressed to the plastic sides,
eagerly watching my latest kitchen gadget bought just for them
and said,
“Dance, Grandma.  You have to dance when it starts popping!”
They didn’t want to be organ grinder monkeys,
but they wanted me to be.  Go figure.

Image result for small popcorn machine

How Do I Stop Counting
the Many, Many Blessings of Fall?

Do you have some more you can share?
What are your favorite fall things to do with family
or to gather into your home?