An All-Of-The-Above Birthday Cake, #Never Too Much of a Good Thing

All of the Above Birthday Cake Feature Image

How To Choose a Birthday Cake Design

When There Are a Gazillion and One Ideas Out There

Warning:  This post contains an extreme danger of overdosing on cake, sprinkles, frosting, and everything else you can put in between layers of cake.  

The first step to choosing a birthday cake design (in this case for my DIL’s birthday) is to open all the images that appeal to the given occasion.  Plus a few extra fall designs or kid designs for good measure, just because they’re so unbelievably cute.

When you have so many choices that you don’t have enough tabs available on top of your screen, you know it’s time to begin fine-tuning the choices.

Maybe you can help me out here.

Let’s do a quick “Which One Would You Pick” poll.

A Gilded Watercolor Cake

Gilded Watercolor Cake image
Gilded Watercolor Cake from Brit+Co

I’ve been into watercolor lately, so with the promise of glitter on top of that?

Of course I opened the article.  Brit+Co has beautiful, complete instructions, so you can’t go wrong.

Shall we pick this one?

Another Watercolor Cake

How to make a watercolor cake + video.
A simpler watercolor cake by Style Sweet Ca

This beautiful cake is more compatible with the easy gourmet ways we have going on at our house.

I can use a frosting I’m familiar with for this cake, regular buttercream, which everyone seems to love.

Simple tinted frosting, applied with the offset spatula on this cake, versus mixing gel colors and clear vanilla extract to create the watercolors for the first cake, then brushing them on with a paint brush.

This sounds like a really good choice.

But I’ll look at a few more, since just having two picks would make things too easy.

Milk and Cookies Cake

Milk and Cookies Cake with fluffy white cake and cookie dough frosting.
Another simple beauty by Style Sweet Ca

Style Sweet Ca really has it going on with gorgeous yet simple cakes.

The really exciting twist to this layer cake is the cookie dough filling between the layers.

Yes, I know.

Who doesn’t love raw chocolate chip cookie dough?

And then – wait for it –

A milk soak for the cake layers!

Sweet, sweet yumminess.

All that isn’t really anything a newbie couldn’t do.  Follow the recipes and you’re there.

And the frosting and finishing follows the same easy direction.

Those perfect brown polka-dots?

They’re upside down chocolate chips.

Can you get any smarter and simpler?

This one is really tempting.  But let’s see…

Luxurious Piped Rosettes Cake

Image result for beautiful cakes images
Peach Ombre Piped Rosettes Cake by Blissfully Sweet

Place a Wilton Size 2D closed rosette tip into a large frosting bag, and start squeezing.

It looks a lot more complicated than that, but trust me, it’s not.

These piped rosettes are easy, easy, easy.

Did I say easy?

They’re the best for covering cupcakes, by the way, because you don’t have to smear any frosting on with a knife first.  Just hold a bare cupcake, and a few swirls later, voila – a beautiful rose covered cupcake.

This cake is the same, other than that you need three bags of frosting with three different shades of peach.  Or the color of your choice.  For my birthday girl, that would be lavender.

Another great benefit for this cake is that you only have to crumb coat the layers.  No laboring over a smooth cover for this one.  After the crumb coat is dry, put the cake in the fridge for a half hour or so.  If it is chilled rosette-fails can be peeled off easily without ruining the crumb coat.

This one sounds really attractive to me.  What do you think?

Although, I will be gone most of the day, so something fast might work better…

Pink and Aqua Sprinkle Cake

Image result for sprinkle cakes
Image Source Unknown

And what could be faster (and more fun) than smoothing frosting on a cake and throwing some sprinkles at it?

Everyone loves sprinkles.

They’re so happy and party-ful looking.

You just have to smile when you see sprinkles.

And did you know, you can get some glittery, star-dusty, galaxy style sprinkles now?

Best cake ever!

And One More, Because It’s Almost Fall

Spice Layer Cake Recipe
Best Spice Layer Cake from Country Living

Rich, aromatic spice cake.

Cinnamon cream cheese frosting.

Cute caramel acorns.

Pie crust leaves.

What can I say?

I know you’ll want to click the link under the photo and find the recipe for yourself.

No one should live through fall without at least one spice cake baked in the oven to fill your whole house with heavenly scents.  I will make time for this one!

But not for the birthday.

I’ve Made My Choice

There’s no photo for this one, because it’s still in my imagination.

This is it…

A sheet cake for a large canvas, without worrying about layers and frosting sides of stuff.

Crumb coat with a thin-to-thickish layer of white buttercream.

Splotch white and lavender blobs all over the top.  Smooth with the offset spatula for a pale watercolor effect.

Mark an oval and make a dotted line with upside down chocolate chips.

In one corner, pipe lavender rosettes of various sizes at the edge of the dotted oval.  Do some small ones in the opposite corner.

Sprinkle the rosettes with glittery sprinkles.

Pipe the Happy Birthday message.

Pipe an edging.


And we have it all.  A little bit of the best from all the above cakes.

Could life be sweeter than that?

What do you think, will my all-of-the-above cake be a hit?

Or, not so much?

We shall see.