See With Your Heart And Become What Your Heart Sees

Sialealea Navajo girl, bluebird, dreamcatcher handmade card of the week kimenink

The heart knows…

trust it, for you become what your heart tells you.

The cameo of the little girl on this card began in my heart.

She is not one girl, she is many.

She is the face of a long list of little girls I met long ago:

Girls who had been abandoned, left behind, forgotten… little girls whose lives were unpredictable from one day to the next.

Hogan Hozhoni, House of Peace, Navajo Child Care Home
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Hogan Hozhoni,

which means House Of Peace, was there for them.

They were brought to this big, ugly block of a house that looked so dreary on the outside,

but inside was filled with peace.  Filled with heart.

The girls, and boys, came



hair crawling with lice,

occasionally clutching a baby bottle filled with watered down alcohol,

to be received into loving arms; arms that wrapped around all of what they were and took them into a place where the heart spoke.

You go into the door of Hogan Hozhoni to physically care for children in need, but you come back out the door seeing with the heart.  There is no other way, when one wants to fight the injustice but doesn’t know where the beginning is; when the outer shells of the children are despicable, but the little hearts beating beneath the grime are reaching, hungry.

Sialealea Navajo girl, bluebird, dreamcatcher handmade card kimenink

Become what you dream.

My little girl’s name is Sia-lea-lea.

The name means Little Bluebird, or Good Dreamer.

My heart breaks even now, thirty years later, for the optimism and dreams in the hearts of the little children.  Hope they held onto, when we could see very little for them in a future that meant going back to the same home after the parents were located or sobered up and came for them.  Week after week.

Now I understand that a child’s heart is bound to its parents, and the heart seeks forever the ones who brought you into the world.  Their lives could have been more adversely impacted if they had been permanently removed from their families and the homes they knew.

I don’t know where my Little Dreamers are today or how their lives turned out.

But their dreams live on in my heart, and this card is my tribute to them.

I have painted Sia-lea-lea in oils, acrylics, fabric paints and pencils.  She’s been on Christmas cards, tote bags, and tea towels.  Sometimes she makes frybread, and sometimes she sits before a loom and weaves.

This card is her cameo, her dreaming.  Her namesake bird flits by on the wind, and a dreamcatcher sways in a wispy breeze.

And she sees with her heart what her heart wants to see.

She can become what her heart sees.

Sialealea Navajo girl, bluebird, dreamcatcher card inside kimenink
Card inside

You can become what your heart sees.

We spend a lot of time dreaming of what we could be, wishing things were better, and searching for the magic formula to happiness.

There are books that give excellent advice, but is the advice right for you?

Finding that essence that is you, and what you can become, is right inside you.  You can’t find it by imitating someone else or dreaming someone else’s dreams.

Quiet your mind.  Turn your heart to Truth, to God.  Listen to what you hear when you become still.

You may not hear it all right away.  The path will likely not be navigated by an audible Siri.  The legs of the journey may unfold in small segments, with each segment leading you to what you are to become.

Trust the Voice inside you.  When you feel at peace and calm, know you are on the right path.  When you feel discomfort and unease, step back.  Wait.  See with your heart once more and your heart will lead you back to the path God has set for you, and you alone.

Your bluebird of happiness is right there if you stop and listen.

Wise words from a Life Coach


In a world that is dominated with boundless data, information overload and the fast pace of life, it is much harder for us to stop for a moment and to really listen to what our heart is telling us.

The answer is not outside of ourselves. Rather, our heart and inner being hold the key. Think about this: your fear, doubt and stress have been created from the inside out. You may think that your external environment is responsible, but this is not the case. Events have occurred, but how you react and feel is an inside job. Your feelings are telling you something. They are revealing to you what you need to take care of, and by listening to your heart and following what feels right you will find your equilibrium again.

Treasure your heart and treasure yourself. Know that you hold the key to your happiness and joy; no one can give it or take it away from you. It’s been with you all along, and it resides in your heart.   Mary Paleologos


You can buy the Sia Lea Lea card here, for a special occasion, birthday or a note of encouragement.

20% of the proceeds from this card will go to Hogan Hozhoni, a non-profit child care facility.  If you have a heart for these children, make further contact here.