Easy Gourmet Accidental Fiesta Chicken Recipe

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We’ve all been there:
You come home to a half-empty fridge,
so you throw a pot on the stove
and proceed to dump
the remnants of every half-full condiment bottle into it
with whatever sad vegetables and meat scraps you can find.
You take a bite straight from the pot, and it tastes amazing.



Our accidental recipe scenario was more that our fridge was too full rather than too empty.

We had an appointment that included a drive home in rush hour traffic, leaving us two hours to put a nice meal on the table for our son and his family.

There was a recipe fail a few days before, and the cheese sauce left over from that was awaiting further inspiration in the fridge.

Let me assure you, the cheese sauce didn’t need to feel insecure.  It was what we had used part of it for that was the fail.  Kim was going to make a quarter recipe of the sauce to try a frozen casserole idea for her Kim’s Kitchen clients.  She made a whole recipe by mistake, so the rest of that cheesy goodness didn’t get used.

So we didn’t want that sauce to feel unwanted, and decided to make a quick chicken enchilada casserole.

We just happened to have chicken left over from a different Kim’s Kitchen offering, which had been marinated for Fiesta Lime Chicken.

McCormick® Grill Mates® Mojito Lime Marinade, 1.06 oz. Packet
Image Source

And so

My Best-Husband-Ever sliced and diced chicken

while I added a few ingredients to the insecure cheese sauce.  Forgotten homemade flour tortillas whined their insecurity from the freezer, but now they realized they had been made for just such a time.

And this became

the accidental casserole that

Got A Compliment

from a son who happily eats almost anything without comment.

Then I know…

I just know…

if he speaks words of affirmation

It Is Worth Listening To.

I now present to you the recipe for this amazing casserole.

And you will say, “Hmmm…  well….  okay.”

But keep in mind that we are easy gourmet, and our bar isn’t very high.

Quick, Simple and Delicious is the motto invisibly hand lettered on my kitchen wall.

Cheesy Fiesta Chicken Casserole

I know you’ll want to copy this recipe and prove how wrong good it is, so here you go…


recipe for cheesy fiesta chicken casserole post image

Enjoy your easy gourmet casserole!