Card Of The Week: Misty Morning Thoughts And Prayers

He leads me beside still waters, 
He restores my soul.
When I walk through the valley of shadows
I need not be afraid,
For He is with me and comforts me.
His goodness and mercy are always with me.
Forever and Ever.


Sometimes, thoughts of someone’s pain runs out of my eyes, and rolls down my cheeks.

Last week a young family, friends of our family, lost their eleven month old daughter/only sister.  Just a few weeks, and she would have celebrated her first birthday.

A little baby, born with a genetic heart defect, stayed for such a short time.  She fought valiantly for life, until God took her to be with Him.

And left them to find their way in a hazy new morning.

hazy horizons on water with bulrushes and birds

But God is here.

Their hopes anchor them in the safe harbor of knowing…

Knowing that Princess Danica, as everyone in the hospital called her, is learning to walk for the first time ~ on green pastures.

She’s learning to talk (and sing!) for the first time with angels.

They long to see their own little angel again someday, the daughter they share with the King.

And it is your thoughts,

And your prayers,

That help them into the calm.  That clear the haze from the horizon,

And help restore their souls.

thoughts and prayers watercolor scene on ocean blue sympathy card


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