Rainbows and Butterflies: Card of the Week And A Printable

rainbows and butterflies children's coloring card of the week feature image

Rainbows, hearts and butterflies
go together like cupcakes, frosting and sprinkles.

And if a girl can color her own rainbow,
who wants cupcakes?

I know a little who would rather have a coloring card than a cupcake.

rainbow flowers butterfly kids coloring card image
Buy a card like this here.

Most times when this little comes to my house, she says, “Gramma, I want a picture to color.”

And she heads for the computer, because she wants to pick the picture.

Gramma Googles “free coloring pages” and pages of images pop up.

“Which one do you want?”

“Uh-h-m-m-m…. maybe this one!  No, that one!  No, no, Gramma, I think I want this one.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes.  I want this one.  Can you print it out?”

So, clatter, crunch, roll from a very noisy printer and then she grabs the paper and smiles.

“Where’s the pencils, Gramma?”

No crayons for this one.

Colored pencils, sharpener and picture, and she’s ready to go.

Sometimes the picture turns out like this…

A little persons colored kitty page


And sometimes there is more of this…

colored pencil shavings


than there is coloring of the picture.

(No, Gramma doesn’t share her Prismacolors on purpose.  They would be down to stubs in a few unsupervised nano-seconds.  The littles have unlimited access to Crayola brand exclusively.)


The Rainbow Song

rainbow song coloring page free printable
Free Rainbow Song and Coloring Picture Printable. Click the image to download the PDF


It’s easy to sing the Rainbow Song if you know the tune to the song, “If You’re Happy and You Know It.”  And the more colored pencils you have, the more verses you can sing.  “If you have an azul-verde, Pick it out!”

Azul-verde is so much classier than blue-green, right?

And, you’re teaching Spanish at the same time as colors.

Oh, wait.  If your littles don’t know the colors, it might be smart to teach the names first in a familiar language.

Who knew that Crayola put the names on colored pencils in three languages? Guess what the third one is?  It’s not Swahili.

These are North American pencils.  English, Spanish, French.  Yes!

And in French, that would be bleu-vert.  Blue-vair, anyone?  That has to be a gorgeous color.  Or bordeaux.  Delicious maroon!  Spanish?  Rojo oscuro.


Nowadays, coloring pages are for all ages.

I haven’t done any of the modern coloring book art for grown-ups.  It looks like fun, but I have too many other hobbies right now.

I do other art with color pencils, and Prismacolor is my favorite brand.

Unlike the artist in the above link to the pencil shavings, I haven’t found an electric pencil sharpener that doesn’t clog up and quit soon after running pencil crayons through it.  I usually use a sharpener I got with a set of watercolor pencils; the kind where you turn the pencil against a blade with one hand while you hold the sharpener in the other.  And end up with broken tips too often.

(These are all my own ideas on the brands mentioned, and have not been asked to share any brands or been reimbursed.  I just like using them.)

Do you like coloring?  What are your favorite brand of colored pencils, or do you use markers?