Friday Already? Where Did The Week Go?

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I know a lot of people will look at the calendar this morning and stretch and relax and say, “Yes!  It’s Friday!”

I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m not like that.  Actually, I don’t like Friday very much.

Well, the day is okay.  I like doing the usual on Friday.

What I don’t like is, “Okay, I can’t call this business, because you can never get anything done there on Fridays.”

Or, “Oh, yes, tomorrow is Saturday.  My day to do housework.”

And the only way I know to make housework fun is changing up some decor.

That’s why this sign is crossed out.

Because I’m busy enjoying Friday, doing fun work things or quickly finishing a project before the weekend.

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Who wants Friday.  Give me Monday.

A whole new week ahead with a whole new list of possibilities.

I can write a blog post, I can begin a painting, design another card, balance the checkbook.  Donate blood and save a life.  Write a letter, or send a card.  Choices.


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But here it is Friday, and what happened to…

The possibilities…

Meh!  The list hardly got touched.

I had problems on this website, and it took three days to get it figured out.  So, for more than one reason, the possibility of an extra post went by the wayside.  And it was going to be so much fun to write.

The actual possibles?

They were more than what was on the list, or at least different than the list.  In a good kind of way, in the end.  When we got past the hurdles.

Kim is in a new program to “help get on with her life,” as she puts it.  She wants to do this program, but when you have HFA, changes are over-the-top difficult.  Add in two hour sessions with two new counsellors (all at the same time), and you have a recipe for supreme stress.

I don’t think they get how hard this is for Kim.  And I didn’t either.  I didn’t know she was maxing out.

Then, instead of assuring her that everything would be okay, I went into overload.

And that scared her.

I’m supposed to be her cheerleader, not sit in the sidelines crying.

I’m supposed to be her rock, steadfast in the storm, and I honestly think I contributed to her storm this week.

If only I had realized.  I wish I could do it over.

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH to the people who rescued us.  You are God’s angels.  Kim’s day out doing fun things with a fun person were exactly what she needed.

We’re in this for the win!

And God is big enough and strong enough to get us through.

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This isn’t the way I anticipated this Friday post to go.

But it’s okay.

With all of you, the angels and the friends in the background, with your help, we’ve got this.

And with God.  All power to Him.

If you had New Possibles happen in your lives this week, we’d love to hear about them.

Did you have an impossible become a possible?

Did you “do it afraid” and come out stronger?