Keys Of The Kingdom That Will Open Many Doors

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I will give you the keys

of the Kingdom…

Matthew 16:19

I saw an advertisement for a “keyholder position” at a shop I go to quite often.  Having never been in retail sales, I had no idea what a keyholder was.

Knowing the type of sales personnel in this shop, I wondered which ones were keyholders.  I decided I might never have met one, because surely a keyholder is outstanding, with leadership qualities and a definite aura of authority and knowledge.  She holds the keys to everything in the shop.  She’s the first one in the door and the last one out.  She tucks the store to bed for the night, making sure everything and everyone under her care is safe and secure.

As I researched the title, I realized that I probably had met one of the keyholders just last week.  She came up to me with a big smile and asked if I was finding everything I was looking for.  She didn’t breathe down my neck, but I knew she was there, ready to help.  And when I went to find her, she made me feel that no question is unimportant, and promptly lead me to the exact thing I was looking for.

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If she wasn’t a keyholder, she should be.  She personified everything an employee in this shop should be, with kindness and class.  No eye rolling behind my back.  No pointing and saying, “It’s over there, how could you miss it?”  She knew everything I asked, and she just made me want to buy her stuff, because if it made her so wonderful, I was sure it would work for me, too.

She was the perfect example of a keyholder for our earth kingdom.

She’s there, smiling and welcoming.  Nothing is too trivial to do in service to others.  She makes you want what she has, because you can feel her radiant happiness.

Keys To Being A Keyholder

If love is the key that unlocks the earth kingdom, how can you be a keyholder?

Here’s my quick list:

Keys to friendship image


Why Keys Of The Kingdom?

It all began with an idea.  Like everything does, right?

I wanted to repurpose a book.

Because I love books, and this is an old one, and I love the title, but I didn’t think I would read the story again.  It’s a classically great book, “The Keys of the Kingdom” by A. J. Cronin.

And also, using the insides of old books tied up with twine are huge in country decor right now.  This is the beginning of my collection for that.

Coverless books for decor

We promised Curated Card Collections, coming this week.

This is the first one in the series.  I can’t show you all of them, but I can show you this one.

And there is only one.

We will have more, I promise, but they’re not finished yet.

I started chasing down this rabbit hole, and it was so much fun, the other deadline went by the wayside.

And so, to help you complete the last key in the list of being a keyholder, here is:

The Keys of the Kingdom Repurposed Book

With Matching Cards and Stationery

repurposed book box stationery set

The Keys of the Kingdom Stationery Set started with a real book.

A. J. Cronin wrote this classic many years ago, about the life of a man who became a missionary to China.  That is the simple story.  The complete report of the novel would take many fascinating paragraphs.  It’s too bad the pages couldn’t stay with this book when we built the stationery box, so you could read it.

The general context of the book is Love and its many facets, and how the genuine, Godly love of a man conquered his complicated world in the end.

Taking the topic of Love and Keys, we designed a stationery box inside the empty cover of the book.

The box contains 5 blank notecards and 5 sheets of lined stationery paper, with 10 brown kraft A4 size envelopes.  You can find the stationery box here.

We love this project, so if you know a source for more of this particular book, we would make more of these boxes.  The book measures 5.5″x8″ by 1″ thick.

So that’s the plug for our newest, and we think, best idea ever.

Can you tell we’re excited?