Easter: A Free Card To Print and Share On This Weekend of Deep Meaning

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Easter is only days away.

Some of you are, no doubt, in the “mind-preparation” time of this special celebration weekend for Believers.

For that is truly the best place to be:
Contemplating the coming weekend and the deep meaning it has for everyone on this earth.

Our family has always enjoyed reading certain books in the weeks leading to Easter.  When the children were young, I would read aloud from the book, “Vinegar Boy.”  We have an old, hardback edition of “The Day Christ Died” by Jim Bishop that has been read many times.  Other books worth bringing out at this season are “The Christ of The Empty Tomb” and while I have enjoyed many of Max Lucado’s books, I have only read part of “He Chose the Nails.”  The message in this book is enjoyably modern, yet takes you to the reality of Christ on the Cross and what He actually did for us.

eggs in a basket on grass

How do you prepare for Easter?

Is it all about bunnies and painting eggs and Easter baskets and grassy hunts in the backyard?

My daughter got a message from a new friend from school.  The friend was an exchange student from Mexico, and when she went to a local big-box store, she couldn’t understand what she was seeing.  “What is Easter?” she messaged.  My daughter answered.  The friend’s next message flew back, “What is, all, all this eggs? and bunnies?  What is this have to do about Easter?”

How would you answer that?  Is that what Easter means…

He is Risen easter card inside

Or is your heart also drawn to Jesus, and how this week must have been for Him and His disciples?

This week of preparation and stealing a donkey tied to a post and riding (why did He ride when He had always walked before?) on palm branches and being thrown from the temple.  Dragged through the streets.  Spit on and bullied.  Disciples gone amiss, awry, one crazy and cutting off ears, one drooling over blood-stained cash, one trying to deny to a waitress who knew better.

There has never, ever been a more chaotic week, never before or after, in the history of the world.

And then came Friday.

Old Rugged Cross Easter collage

I have a difficult time calling it Good Friday.  This article explains my thoughts…

According to the Bible, the son of God was flogged, ordered to carry the cross on which he would be crucified and then put to death. It’s difficult to see what is “good” about it.

Some sources suggest that the day is “good” in that it is holy, or that the phrase is a corruption of “God’s Friday”.

However, according to Fiona MacPherson, senior editor at the Oxford English Dictionary, the adjective traditionally “designates a day on (or sometimes a season in) which religious observance is held”. The OED states that “good” in this context refers to “a day or season observed as holy by the church”, hence the greeting “good tide” at Christmas or on Shrove Tuesday. In addition to Good Friday, there is also a less well-known Good Wednesday, namely the Wednesday before Easter.

The earliest known use of “guode friday” is found in The South English Legendary, a text from around 1290, according to the dictionary. According to the Baltimore Catechism – the standard US Catholic school text from 1885 to the 1960s, Good Friday is good because Christ “showed His great love for man, and purchased for him every blessing”.

anticipation great today

After “That Friday” comes Sunday… the renewal… the resurrection… 

The best day ever.

The story of the Bible is complete on this third day.

The whole purpose of God’s creation culminates in the Beginning that this Sunday represents.

First the sacrifice, and then the resurrection.

He is Risen easter card

First our acceptance of that sacrifice, the drawing of it into our hearts and souls, and the belief that our sins are washed away by Beloved Jesus…

Then the newness of Spirit…  the anticipation of One Day, when we shall see Him…  we will feel the glow of His Love…  see the scars (will they truly still be there, when the reason for the scars is past…

…because all those who accepted the blood from those nail wounds will now be in Heaven with Him!?)…

Rejoice tulips easter card

Rejoice, Oh Rejoice!!

This is The Day the Lord hath made!
This is The Day that He hath given!
Let us Rejoice and Be Glad!


Your Card to Download and Print

Family is the center of the meaning of Easter.  

Personal for each, yes, but so much blessing when all together a family folds the Story deep into their hearts, and makes it the meaning for their lives.

Fill in the form so we know your real, and then you get your PDF to print.

family shapes sizes card front

Inside View of Card:


Print the card front on white card stock, as heavy as your printer will allow, on best printing quality.  Cut the card size 10″ x 7″.  Fold in half for a finished card of 5″ x 7″.

Print the card inside on regular printer paper.  Cut this piece at 6.75″ x 9.75″.  Fold this in half, then fit inside the card cover and glue just inside the crease edge on top of the card liner.  This will attach the inside view to the top half of the card.  The inside view page will lift open as you open the card, so you can view the message.

The card fits a standard 5″ x 7″ envelope, which you can buy at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.

Please keep in mind this free printable Easter Card is a gift and cannot be sold, transferred or altered in any way without my written permission. Please feel free to share the link with family and friends so they can download their own copy.

Happy Easter message