Kim & Ink Welcomes You to The Grand Opening of Our New Space

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New spaces are so exciting.  Planning, purchasing, decorating, choosing fixtures – everything about it is wonderful.  Wonderful, but a leap in the dark at times.  Gratifying, but labor intensive.

Years ago, we designed and built a new home.  When we got to the moving in part, I was too weary to even think about decor or drapes or planning a yard.  We lived in our home for a whole year before we even planted one tree.  Or hung one window treatment.  Fortunately, we didn’t have very many close neighbors back then.

But one thing we did have in that year was company.  Family, friends, even strangers, were welcomed into our new home.  I was so happy for my house and all the spaciousness that I didn’t care that the yard was mostly dirt, or the play room had nothing but a ping pong table.  It was so awesome to sit back and enjoy what we accomplished, and share it with everyone.


And here we are, today, opening up another new space.  It’s been a long time in the coming, and we know it’s not completely finished.  We hope you can put up with the lack of window dressing and the less-than-sophisticated landscaping while we welcome you here.  We just can’t wait for everything to be perfect before we share with you all.

Back when we built our house, we got a lot of help and suggestions from family and friends.  We couldn’t have done it by ourselves, because we were absolute novices.

And so, we hope you all will share your ideas.  Don’t be shy about telling us what you like and what we should do!  We’re novices at this, too.

One more time, WELCOME HERE.  We’re looking forward to getting to know you.

Bye for now… Butterfly Wishes….

Kim & Ink