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Mother's Day

is coming up, on May 14. It's always the second Sunday of May, and we have a collection of thoughtful cards to choose from that your Mother/Grandmother/Stepmother/Etc will appreciate finding in her mailbox.

Shop by Category

Choose from one of our Shopping Categories: Greeting Cards, Note Card Sets, Recipe Albums and Home Decor. All our products are designed and crafted in-house. (Yes, in our kitchen, laundry room, playroom... wherever we find empty space.) Some cards also include prints of original art: digital, oil or acrylic paintings, fabric dying... we love it all. You'll also find some free downloads. You may download 2 free copies of each printable, which are available for 30 days from date of release.


Behind the scenes of Kim & Ink.

Three Things We Care About in Our Business


Piglet asked Pooh how to spell love. Pooh answered, "You don't spell it. You feel it." We're spelling it out here that we care about our customers, and in Pooh's warm words, we want you to feel it. Thanks for being here.

Paying Forward

Our lives are blessed by the goodness of a great God, the love of a large family, and a circle of friends essential to survival. They share their best, and we want to pass that on. Our piggybank breaks open for Autism Awareness.

Organic Options

If there is a way to make something with organic and eco-friendly ingredients, that is the direction we choose. We source recycled papers and natural embellishments where possible. (Shiny things excluded.)

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