Handmade Stationery and Gift Shop

WELCOME!! At Kim&Ink We Have Three Ways To Shop Handmade Stationery

Handmade Cards

Have you noticed how cards in the store racks look totally generic? That's because they are. They have to be produced for the masses. Here at Kim&Ink we design each card for a certain person or special occasion. With hand-painted, digital or hand embellished accents, we want your card to have a made-just-for-you look. Shop Cards...

Curated Collection

Boxed cards?? Who sends them? Every recipient knows immediately that the sender took a shortcut and sent everyone the same card. Probably got it free in the mail, too. At Kim&Ink you get to curate your own collection from our listed cards. The cards arrive in a beautiful handmade folder, for your own desk decor, or as a gift for a special person. Coming Soon!


You aren't the first person to wonder if you'll ever get caught up with your card list. You heave a sigh of relief because you got Dad's card in the mail, only to realize you forgot your nephew's birthday last week. Turn your list over to Kim&Ink. You pick the cards, we sign, address, SWAK and mail them, at the right time, to the right person. Coming in July!

Kim&Ink Is More Than Handmade Greeting Cards...

Besides our made-just-for-you Greeting Cards, we have a unique to Kim&Ink Recipe Album Collection. Four Album designs, with matching inside pages to fill with your own recipes. Then tab pages to organize those recipes with joy, the Marie Kondo way! All our products are designed and crafted in-house. (Yes, in our kitchen, laundry room, playroom... wherever we find empty space.) Our third category is a Monthly Planner Download. Each month you can download the free pages for the next month. This design was new for this year, and next year our email subscribers will get a complete planner (with a new design) to download all at once, instead of downloading one month at a time. This will be your Thank You Gift for the New Year.